How to watch BlizzCon 2017 live stream

With the 11th BlizzCon convention kicking off this Friday, 3 November 2017, and with tickets completely sold out, there’s only one way for those without tickets to follow the event. Here, we show you how to watch the BlizzCon 2017 opening ceremony livestream, along with how to keep up with all the announcements throughout the convention. Want to pass the time before the show begins?

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What is BlizzCon?

So, what exactly is BlizzCon? It’s a weekend-long event where fans of popular Blizzard-developed games including World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone come to watch eSporting heroes battle it out for cash prizes. Basically, it’s the gaming version of the European Championships, with serious prizes up for grabs.

Attendees will be able to cheer along their favourite teams and watch one of the most intense eSport gaming weekends in the gaming calendar. That’s not all either, as they also have the opportunity to join in with a number of activities and competitions over the course of the event, and find out all the latest Blizzard development news.

When is BlizzCon taking place?

So, where is this spectacular gaming event taking place? BlizzCon 2017 is taking place this week, on Friday 3 November and Saturday 4 November 2017.

Those wanting to go along to the event are out of luck – tickets are completely sold out for the event, and have been for quite some time. Luckily, there’s still a way for you to be able to watch the action as it unfolds – see below for more information. It all kicks off with an epic BlizzCon opening ceremony, which is due to take place on Friday at 18:00 GMT and will showcase everything that Blizzard is working on at the moment – you’ll be able to watch that here[2].

Following the ceremony, there will be a range of livestreams available for those at home to watch – you can head to the BlizzCon website to see the full BlizzCon 2017 schedule[3].

How to watch BlizzCon 2017 live stream

The good news is that even though tickets are completely sold out, you’ll be able to watch the action from the comfort of your own home as Blizzard will be live streaming most events at the convention – however unlike with other events, the live stream (apart from the opening ceremony on Friday) isn’t free to watch.

Those interested in watching the events unfold from home will have to cough up ?24.99 for a virtual ticket, which can be found here[4].

That ticket includes access to the BlizzCon 2017 live stream[5], along with in-game goodies and more.


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