Google unveils publisher Knowledge Panels

Google has unveiled[1] publisher Knowledge Panels, which show information about news publishers to help users understand them. “When you search for a news publisher, information to help you understand their credibility and the quality of their content will show up in the Knowledge Panel,” said Google. Depending on the amount and quality of information available, you may see these tabs:

  • Writes about – Topics that are frequently covered by the publisher.
  • Awards – Notable awards that the publisher has received.
  • Reviewed claims – This shows up when a significant amount of a publisher’s recent content has been reviewed by an authoritative fact-checker.

The appearance of a Knowledge Panel for a publisher does not affect ranking of pages from that publisher in Google Search results, and publishers cannot opt-out from having a Knowledge Panel.

“Today’s additions are a further step toward surfacing useful information based on your search query.”

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