Forget Black Friday, here are the best broadband deals with cashback right now

We may be only a couple of days from Black Friday, but forget all that for a minute. Let’s take a look at the broadband deals that offer the most cashback right now.

There are essentially two ways to make your broadband deal appealing. The first is to make the monthly cost as cheap as possible.

That’s great if all you want is a bare-bones service. Budget broadband generally does what it’s supposed to with no frills. The other is to offer a premium service with more capable equipment and better bundling options (TV packages or mobile SIMs, for example).

Premium providers know they don’t look good price-wise next to the budget providers, despite offering generally higher-quality ‘stuff’, which is why they see fit to throw in varying amounts of cashback as a welcome sweetener. Here are the best out there right now, from most cashback to least.

Forget Black Friday, here are the best broadband deals with cashback right now

GBP175 cashback – BT Infinity 2, 76Mb, GBP9.99 set-up (GBP50 off), free weekend calls, GBP39.99 p/m

At, or just under GBP20, the cheapest broadband deals out there[1] are around, or less than, half the price of this deal. So where’s the value?

Well, for one, at 76Mbps BT Infinity 2 is more than four times as fast as any of them. If you live in a remotely busy household internet-wise, you’re going to be putting at least some of that extra speed to good use. Second, you’re going to get better equipment.

The BT Smart Hub is one of the best-specced (featured) routers out there – reliable, quick and with range that will reach the furthest corners of most medium to large households. Obviously, if you live in a palace you’ll still need some sort of range extension solution, but that goes for any router. This deal comes on an 18-month contract.

Typically, broadband deals are offered on a 12-month basis, but as a general rule the cheaper they are the longer a provider is going to want to keep you on the hook, so to speak. And that goes for cashback too. And this is cheap, in it’s own way.

For the fastest broadband out there on the Openreach network (everyone except Virgin), if you take that cashback and divide it by the 18 months of the contract, you’ll be paying the equivalent of around GBP30 per month. That’s very competitive. GET THIS DEAL[2]

Forget Black Friday, here are the best broadband deals with cashback right now

GBP150 cashback – BT Infinity 1, 38Mb, GBP9.99 set-up (GBP50 off), free weekend calls, GBP29.99 p/m

In short, this is GBP10 cheaper per month than the Infinity 2 deal at the top of this list, half the speed, and you get GBP25 less cashback for signing up.

Worth it? Yes! GBP10 less per month across the 18 months of the contract is GBP180, and with only GBP25 less cashback you’re still saving an extra GBP155 over that other deal.

The question, then, becomes: Do you need the extra speed?

38Mbps is actually very fast compared to the needs of the average household. It’s fast enough for three or four different household members to all be streaming HD movies and TV all at the same time, for example. It’s quick enough, even, for the increasing amount of 4K content available on Amazon and Netflix.

That said, particularly busy households filled with heavy internet users, especially those that typically encounter crunch-time periods of high usage (evenings after work/school) may find they have a smoother ride with BT Infinity 2 (above). GET THIS DEAL[3]

Forget Black Friday, here are the best broadband deals with cashback right now

GBP75 cashback – Plusnet Unlimited Broadband, 17Mb, no set-up cost, PAYG calls, GBP18.99 p/m

Yes, the amount of cashback here is a steep drop from the dizzy heights of those BT deals (above). But this deal really could not be more different to those other two.

For one, it’s ADSL and not fibre. Not to say it’s slow – still plenty fast for watching Netflix etc. – but it’s definitely slow’er’ – and as such more suited to smaller households with less demanding internet users. It’s GBP18.99 per month.

That’s half of what you’ll pay for one of those BT fibre deals for half the speed and half the cashback. There are also no free weekend calls in this deal, so if you care about being able to natter to friends and families for free via your landline on Saturdays and Sundays, this might not be the deal for you. Finally, it’s worth mentioning another reason why you might want to choose Plusnet, be that this deal or something a little faster.[4] Plusnet wins practically every award out there when it comes to its customer service and how happy, generally, its customers are.

If great customer service matters to you, choose Plusnet.



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