Confirmed: TM Is Renaming 1Mbps and 2Mbps Streamyx Packages To “Broadband”

TM has revealed that it will indeed rename some of its Streamyx package as “Broadband”. This is based on the official statement provided by the company as a response to our query regarding this particular leaked image[1]. According to the statement which is available at the end of this article, Streamyx 1Mbps and 2Mbps will soon be called Broadband while at the same time, customers of these packaged will be known as “pre-Unifi customers“.

The company also stated that these packages are not widely available although customers are more than welcome to subscribe if they want to. While TM has indeed consolidated all of its consumer and business products under UniFi as their umbrella brand, the company has clarified that these Broadband packages are among selected products that will not be branded as UniFi despite having the logo appeared on the leaked image. The renaming will take place in coming days although it will not have any effect on existing packages or their experience.

Nevertheless, let’s not forget that there is a year-end promo apparently going on right now under the Bonanza Campaign promotion[2] which new customers able to obtain Streamyx and UniFi with a 24-months discount.

“All TM Consumer and SME products are sold by our Mass Market cluster, now known as unifi. As we have previously announced, we are moving towards a more focused go-to-market approach in line with our convergence proposition under the single unifi brand. However, there are still products in our portfolio that are not branded as unifi, due to the differences in customer experiences.

Thus in line with our brand and market strategy, we are renaming our lower speed Streamyx packages (Streamyx 1Mbps and 2Mbps) to ‘Broadband’, while its subscribers will be known as pre-unifi customers. These Streamyx packages are currently not widely offered to the market due to the wide availability of unifi but going forward, if customers require these lower speed packages, they will be offered these broadband packages. This is part of our ongoing journey to offer a true convergence experience to all Malaysians.

This renaming exercise will be rolled out progressively in the days ahead. There will be no change to the existing plans and service experience that we have committed to our customers. You will start to notice the changes coming to effect soon, especially in our collaterals.

Rest assured we remain dedicated to providing a great experience to all our customers and look forward to continuously serving you better.”


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  2. ^ now under the Bonanza Campaign promotion (

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