CellSaf continues fight against Cell C

Cell C’s empowerment partner CellSaf has not given up its fight against its recent deal with Blue Label Telecoms. Blue Label recently purchased a 45% stake in Cell C, and plans to grow the network’s business in key areas. According to a report by the City Press, CellSaf is contesting the matter in the high court, and has lodged complaints with the Competition Commission and ICASA.

The report stated that CellSaf’s complaint with ICASA against the deal may now get a public hearing. “Currently, the complaint is being dealt with behind the scenes by ICASA together with CellSaf and Cell C,” stated the report. CellSaf said there must be a public hearing regarding its ICASA complaint into the Cell C deal.

CellSaf is arguing that the Blue Label deal will see Cell C “lacking a sufficient empowerment stake”. It said it has opposed the deal since it became aware of it in 2015. CellSaf previously stated in court papers it was not informed[1] of the deal or given the opportunity to comment on it or consider the transaction before it went ahead.

Cell C has dismissed the allegations from CellSaf as baseless.

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