Cell C Black Friday 2017 streaming data deal

Cell C has unveiled a Black Friday special, offering free data to subscribers for its video streaming service Black. Subscribers on SupaCharge, MegaBonus, EasyChat, and its 66c tariff plan who recharge with between R50 and R99.99 will get 50GB of free data for streaming for two days. Those who recharge with R100 or more will receive 100GB for five days.

Contract customers on Pinnacle 100 and up, or on a Connector contract, will receive 150GB of free data for Black streaming – valid for 30 days.

Black bundles

Cell also unveiled a set of data bundles to enable cheaper video streaming from Black. They start with a 1GB blackData bundle, priced at R30 and valid for 30 days. In-bundle data prices on the packages range from 3c per MB, to 1c per MB.

Cell C will also add data for Black streaming to its Pinnacle contract packages.

The tables below summarise the new data offerings.

blackDATA bundles



In-bundle Rate


1GB blackData R30 R0.03 30 days
2GB blackData R60 R0.03 30 days
5GB blackData R150 R0.03 30 days
10GB blackData R250 R0.02 90 days
20GB blackData R399 R0.02 90 days
30GB blackData R599 R0.02 90 days
50GB blackData R799 R0.02 180 days
100GB blackData R999 R0.01 180 days
200GB blackData R1,499 R0.01 180 days

Pinnacle contract blackData


Black Data

Pinnacle 100 1GB
Pinnacle 150 2GB
Pinnacle 250 5GB
Pinnacle 400 10GB
Pinnacle 600 10GB
Pinnacle 1000 20GB
Pinnacle Unlimited 20GB

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