BT sells broadband to pensioner who doesn't have a computer or use the internet, more than doubling his monthly bills




BT flogged a broadband deal to a pensioner who does not own a computer or use the internet, more than doubling his monthly phone bill.

Richard Hood, 79, from Chingford, North East London, says he was called out of the blue by BT and told he could get a new phone deal that would save him money.

But after he switched, Richard, who has never used a computer, saw his bills soar from GBP35 to GBP75 a month.

BT pushed a broadband deal on a pensioner who never uses the internet

The retired fireman says: ‘The man told me that I was paying too much.

He told me he could move me on to a new system which would almost halve my bills.

‘But they didn’t halve, they more than doubled.’

Richard later realised he was being charged for broadband he couldn’t use and had paid GBP468 too much.

Earlier this year Money Mail revealed how another reader, Colin Porter, 72, was also moved on to a broadband deal despite expressly telling the BT caller that he didn’t own a PC.

David Hickson, leader of the Fair Telecoms campaign, says: ‘It’s wholly unacceptable to mislead customers into buying products they cannot use.

‘BT must take the most severe action against whoever was responsible in this case and ensure that this never happens again.’

BT has apologised to both customers, refunded the broadband charges and given them goodwill payments.

A spokesman for BT says: ‘We take issues like this very seriously.

We listen into and record advisers’ calls for coaching purposes and we have a process in place for customers to call or write in to us if they wish to complain.’


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