BT is raising its broadband prices

BT Infinity might be super fast but it’s also about to get more expensive. The only good thing here is that this price change won’t be introduced until after the extremely expensive Christmas period, with the prices being bumped up from January 7, 2018. The company last raised its prices earlier this year in March so two price bumps in less than 12 months seems quite steep.

Customers could now end up paying an extra ?30 a year while those with BT Sport will have another ?36 lumped onto their bill.

Here’s how the price hike will affect you:

  • ?2 extra a month for standard BT broadband customers
  • ?3 more a month for BT Sport through the Sky TV service

Landline prices

  • The unlimited anytime package rising from ?8.99 to ?9.50 a month
    The price per minute will increase from 12p to 13p

A BT infinity router

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BT seemingly expect a backlash from customers and allowing those who do not want to pay the price increase to leave the network with no penalty. However, if customers have paid upfront for a year and wish to leave BT, you will not be offered any refunds.
A spokesperson fro the service had this to say on on the price increase: “We know that no one likes price changes, but this allows us to upgrade our services and give you more.

Every customer will see improvements to their products and services alongside these changes.”

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