Black Friday 2017 fibre deal – R399 for 400Mbps

Many Internet service providers and telecoms operators plan to launch promotions on Black Friday, and Cybersmart is one of the first to reveal its big plans.

On Black Friday, 24 November, Cybersmart will offer new subscribers big discounts on its Lightspeed fibre-to-the-home products[1].

The first special offer is for its 400Mbps uncapped Lightspeed service:

  • 400Mbps uncapped FTTH – R899 per month (down from R1,499 per month).

The ISP will also launch two 400Mbps capped fibre-to-the-home Lightspeed deals:

  • 400Mbps FTTH with 50GB daytime data and 250GB after-hours data – R399 per month
  • 400Mbps FTTH with 100GB daytime data and 500GB after-hours data – R599 per month

The packages have a R1,499 installation free, and the prices are available on Black Friday and the week that follows.

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