Best Black Friday Deals 2017

It’s official: Black Friday has arrived. Love it or hate it, Black Friday is here to stay, and this year looks set to be bigger and better than ever. Most retailers started their deals events early but it’s this weekend that you’ll find the best bargains of the year.

Although the actual day has passed most retailers are treating the whole weekend as Black Friday, and that’s followed by Cyber Monday! We’ll be checking the best Cyber Monday deals[1] too, but you can expect some sales to last well into that week. Retailers are offering huge deals, discounts and sales on their goods in store and online to get the deal-hungry shopper within us all to spend money.

UK customers spend millions on Black Friday every year on everything from TVs and lawnmowers to nappies and candles. You’ll find anything you can think of at a discount.

Here, our team of tech experts – who review products and write about tech all year long – have scoured the web to bring you only the very best Black Friday deals on only the best products – to help make sure you don’t miss out. We also bring you everything you need to know about Black Friday, and how to get the most out of it.

Best Black Friday deals right now

Retailers are offering huge Black Friday deals, including major sites like Amazon[2], Currys[3], and Argos[4].

We bring you the best right here at Tech Advisor. You can see our expert pick of the top ten below, and see all of the deals we’ve found on our deals site by clicking here[5]. Read on to find out more about how to find a great deal on Black Friday and our top tips for Black Friday shopping.

What is Black Friday?

After a holiday of giving thanks for family, friends and settled life, American retailers opted to juxtapose Thanksgiving with a huge day of commercial spending.

Who were we Brits to resist the allure of heavily discounted items too? It is debated whether or not Black Friday refers to a day retailers finally went ‘into the black’, meaning they finally made profit for the year thanks to heightened sales, or whether it actually has morphed from a description of horrible traffic in Philadelphia on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

When Black Friday first gained huge popularity about ten years ago, it was usual to see newsreel of people physically fighting over big TVs in the middle of Wal-Mart (or Asda in the UK, who has now actually opted to not take part[6] because of the mayhem). You can’t blame them really, as scenes often got out of hand at shops.

But Black Friday has passed beyond trivial now as it has moved online, and it is serious business for retailers. UK shoppers spent nearly GBP2bn on Black Friday 2016, a lot of it on discounted technology such as phones, cameras, TVs and Fitbits. And early reports suggest 2017 Black Friday spending was up 8% again.

Indeed John Lewis had its busiest ever single hour of online trading on Friday.[7][8]

Don’t forget Cyber Monday

Oh yes, and after Black Friday there is Cyber Monday, so-called after retailers realised people go back to work on Monday and kept spending online at their desks.

We might as well call it Black Weekend though, because Saturday and Sunday don’t escape either, it’s four solid days of relentless spending, savings and tempting deals. Gulp.

How to get the best Black Friday deals

Tech is a big draw on Black Friday, and not just because a lot of people are buying from behind computer or smartphone screens. If you’ve been waiting to spend on a new phone, particularly if you are buying the handset outright, you might be waiting for a Black Friday deal.

Amazon is one of the best places to go for Black Friday deals, and it kicked off its annual Black Friday sale from 17 November, though the first couple of deals appeared from 15 November, with discounts on the new Echo 2Echo Dot[10]. Deals have continued since with lots more Amazon devices on offer as well as thousands of other products[11]. Amazon’s Black Friday Sale will run until 27 November.

We’d recommend signing up to Amazon’s 30-day Amazon Prime free trial[12]. It will get you free next day delivery (although that is sometimes a little longer after the Black Friday rush) and will also get you access to Lightning Deals 30 minutes before those who aren’t Prime members. Some Lightning Deals are so great that they sell out before that 30 minutes are up so without the Prime membership or free trial you may find you miss out completely.

Amazon is also offering Deals of the Day every day, in addition to the thousands of Lightning Deals.

We’re bringing you the best Amazon deals across our deals site[13] and the articles listed below to make sure you’re spotting the very best deals (there are so many on Amazon that it can be hard to find what you’re looking for) and also to make sure you couldn’t get a better deal elsewhere. Bookmark the articles you’re most interested in and check back regularly for our pick of the best deals in that category.

Carphone Warehouse[14] and others such as Mobile Phones Direct[15] also have a lot of decent smartphone deals, be it on contract or SIM-only. Given that we now have excellent handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S8, and now iPhone 8 and iPhone X, you can expect retailers to offer some very tempting deals.

We’ve gathered all of the best phone deals here[16]. November also saw the Xbox One X go on sale,[17] so many gamers among you will be on the look out for a bargain. Games consoles are often part of genuinely decent discount, with many PS4 bundles going for under GBP200 last year.

The hottest gaming bundles this year are for the PlayStation VR[18] and Xbox One S[19], but Switch offers[20] are also selling out fast.

Meanwhile, places like Currys PC World[21] are discounting 4K TVs, sometimes by hundreds of pounds. Below is a list of all of our individual Black Friday deals pages for your convenience:

And here’s a list of our favourite places to shop for Black Friday deals

How to spot a good Black Friday deal

The most important thing to do when considering if something is a good deal is to ask yourself: “Would I still want and buy this if it was full price?” Often the answer to this can be no, which means you need to think whether you’re saving money with a discount, or wasting it caught up in the excitement of a sale. A deal for one person won’t be a deal for someone else, no matter how many times Amazon[22], Argos[23] or John Lewis[24] might tell you otherwise.

Sometimes it’s more obvious though.

For example, 50% off a GBP140 Fitbit Charge 2[25] is a good deal, particularly if you were thinking of getting it in the first place. Conversely, 50% off a GBP2,000 TV is still GBP1,000 – think carefully. Also, it isn’t unusual (or difficult, or illegal) for some retailers to put prices up on Black Friday.

Yes, that’s right – sometimes discount prices are higher on Black Friday compared to the rest of the year because dishonest retailers know they will get more page views from people ready to click buy.

Returning Black Friday purchases

You should be able to, as return policies will apply in the same way as the rest of the year, but still check on an individual retailer level. You don’t want to buy something, change your mind and then be stuck with it. Buying online can be tricky to return items for a refund, so make sure you really want what you Add to Basket.

Black Friday deals curated by us

We love tech here at Tech Advisor (obviously) and we love genuinely good deals just as much.

We work with tech every day, so we know a good bargain – and bad deal – when we see one. You can visit our deals page here[26], all year round. But over the holiday shopping period our deals pages go into overdrive and we bring you deals from every tech category as soon as we see them.

We pick out the absolute best, so bookmark the page to make sure you don’t miss out on a bargain.

We will be curating a huge amount of tech deals for you, the discerning tech consumer, so that you can come here and see the best deals, safe in the knowledge that the discount and retailer is legitimate.

You can check out our pick of the top 10 deals available today below.

Best tech Black Friday deals

1. Amazon Fire TV Stick

Best Black Friday Deals 2017

From: Amazon

Was: GBP39.99

Now: GBP24.99 (GBP15 off)

View Deal


This is the cheapest price yet for Amazon’s Fire TV, which lets you stream directly to any TV.

2. Sonos Play:1

Best Black Friday Deals 2017

From: Amazon

Was: GBP199

Now: GBP149 (25% off)

View Deal


The lowest ever price for this excellent multi-room speaker – read more in our Sonos Play:1 review.[29]

3. Nintendo Switch (Grey) with Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Best Black Friday Deals 2017

From: Amazon

Was: GBP314.98

Now: GBP279.99 (GBP35 off)

View Deal


Get a Switch with one of the year’s surprise hits, the Mario and Rabbids crossover strategy game.

4. Amazon Echo Dot

Best Black Friday Deals 2017

From: Amazon

Was: GBP49.99

Now: GBP34.99 (GBP15 off)

View Deal


5. Moto G5 on O2

Best Black Friday Deals 2017

From: O2

Was: GBP169

Now: GBP89.99 (GBP80 off)

View Deal


6. Apple One-Day Shopping Event

Best Black Friday Deals 2017

From: Apple

Now: Get a gift card worth up to GBP120 with Apple devices

View Deal


Apple’s Black Friday deals are available today only.

Buy a selected iPhone, iPad, MacBook or iMac to get an Apple gift card worth up to GBP120.

7. Apple iPhone 7 32GB with 6GB data

Best Black Friday Deals 2017

From: Vodafone

Now: GBP31 per month, GBP20 upfront

View Deal


iPhone 7 on a very reasonable contract with Vodafone

8. Fitbit Flex 2

Best Black Friday Deals 2017

From: Amazon

Was: GBP79.99

Now: GBP39.99 (GBP40 off)

View Deal


We love Fitbit’s minimalist activity tracker, and right now it’s got a brilliant GBP40 off.

9. HP 15.6in Laptop with 4GB RAM and 1TB Storage

Best Black Friday Deals 2017

From: Currys PC World

Was: GBP549.99

Now: GBP349 (GBP200.99 off)

View Deal


An HP laptop with a generous screen at a great price.

10. Lenovo Tab4 8 – 16GB

Best Black Friday Deals 2017

From: Currys PC World

Was: GBP129.99

Now: GBP99.99 (GBP30 off)

View Deal


This affordable Android tablet runs Android 7.0 and packs in Dolby Atmos sound.


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