100 UK Property Developers Get Behind Hyperoptic’s 1Gbps Broadband

Urban fibre optic network builder and ISP Hyperoptic, which is deploying their FTTP/B ultrafast 1Gbps capable broadband network around parts of 28 cities and towns, has today boasted of working with 100 developers in the United Kingdom (e.g. Barratt London, Berkeley Homes, Crest Nicholson etc.).[1][2] The provider’s fibre optic network currently covers 350,000 premises and they’ve recently secured another investment of GBP100 million, which should help them to reach 2 million urban premises by 2022 and they also have an aspiration towards reaching 5 million by around 2025 (here[3]).

Hyperoptic[4] has been able to succeed by finding a strong niche that focused on connecting their Fibre-to-the-Building / Premises (FTTB/P) network to larger residential (i.e. Multi-Dwelling Units with at least 50 units) and office buildings. As a result the operator views increasing the number of developers that they work with as a “strategic priority,” particularly given their current expansion plans.

David Walker, Hyperoptic’s Head of Property, said:

“Our developer relationships have been crucial to our growth. As we have cemented our position as the market leader for full fibre broadband in the UK, we have become renowned for our seamless installation process, successful project handover and customer satisfaction. Our full fibre infrastructure meets and exceeds the connectivity requirements of residents – it also provides the foundation for any technology to be incorporated and used within the connected properties.

With full fibre, the ‘smart home’ goes from a buzzword to a way of life and the PropTech sector can flourish.”

Chris Gilbert, Managing Director of Berkeley Homes, added: “Digital infrastructure is now on par with physical. Homebuyers want and expect to have ultrafast broadband connectivity that supports, rather than hinders, their online lives – it’s almost as important to new homebuyers as running water and electricity.

Full fibre for new homes is an ongoing commitment for us.

Hyperoptic is renowned for its broadband service.

We value our relationship with Hyperoptic and the services that it delivers across many developments in our portfolio.”


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