WannaCry Bitcoin ransom wallets emptied

The Bitcoin wallets used by the operators of the WannaCry ransomware have been emptied, Quartz reported[1]. WannaCry infected Windows machines and encrypted their files – demanding a £300 or £600 ransom in Bitcoin to have them returned. It spread around the globe using an NSA-created cyber weapon called EternalBlue[2].

The WannaCry ransomware earned its makers around £140,000 in Bitcoin in total, which sat untouched for months in three wallets. According to Quartz, the Bitcoin is likely to have been sent through a “mixer”, obscuring its trail as the attackers try to cash out. An internal NSA document[3] stated that based on an analysis of the ransomware, it points with “moderate confidence” to the Reconnaissance General Bureau – North Korea’s spy agency.

It believes WannaCry was an attempt to raise money for Kim Jong-un’s regime.

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