South Australia switches on ‘GigCity’ broadband network

South Australia’s premier, Jay Weatherill, has formally launched the state government-backed GigCity broadband network in Adelaide. The network, based on fibre rolled out for the South Australian Broadband Research & Education Network (SABRENet), will make gigabit speeds accessible to a range of businesses in metropolitan Adelaide. SABRENet launched in 2007 and includes 200 kilometres of fibre running to more than 160 sites.

Weatherill today launched the network at TechInSA. Other sites hooked up to the GigCity network include the Tonsley Innovation Precinct, Stretton Centre and St Paul’s Creative Centre.

“Through the GigCity Adelaide network, the South Australian government is opening the door to new ideas, new possibilities and new collaborations, making Adelaide one of the most connected cities in the world,” Weatherill said in a statement.

“The state government is helping start-ups and companies grow faster and attract entrepreneurs to South Australia who want to tap into the infrastructure and business environment we are creating.”

Earlier this year the state government announced that local ISP EscapeNet had been selected1 to operate the network. EscapeNet is offering plans with 1 gigabit upload and download speeds beginning at $49.90 per month. The state government is spending $7.6 million on the project, and is looking at potential regional expansion of the network2. The government has signed a memorandum of understanding with Whyalla City Council and Mount Gambier City Council to explore potential extensions of the network.

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“By establishing GigCity ultra-fast internet at key innovation precincts, the state government is investing in a network that will create jobs of the future,” said science and information economy minister Kyam Maher.

“GigCity is part of the South Australian government’s investment of more than $80 million in innovation and will continue to consolidate our position as the leader in innovation in Australia.”

Adelaide Council is working on a separate Ten Gigabit City Network project for high-speed broadband services in South Australia’s capital.

The council’s 2016-2020 strategy plan committed it to working with partners to roll out a 10Gbps fibre network to premises in the city and North Adelaide4.

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