Satellite Solutions Worldwide welcomes accelerated French satellite broadband roll-out

Satellite Solutions Worldwide Group PLC (LON:SAT1) has welcomed French President Emmanuel Macron’s recent announcement that although his government wants to accelerate the roll out of universal high-speed broadband coverage, “it is impossible to keep the promise of fibre in to all households in France.”

In a statement today, SSW’s CEO Andrew Walwyn commented, “This statement is particularly significant as, despite many European governments having broadband subsidy schemes, they are often constructed around fibre.”

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He added: “President Macron has directly acknowledged that fibre alone cannot viably resolve the problem of universal broadband provision; satellite is a key solution for the large areas of France that do not have adequate broadband coverage.”

The CEO concluded: “We are already one of the largest independent satellite broadband providers in France with c.12,000 customers.

“We believe the French government’s announcement highlights the importance of satellite and other alternative technologies to fibre which should underpin our French business in the coming years.”

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Satellite Solutions Worldwide Welcomes Accelerated French Satellite Broadband Roll-out Why Invest In Satellite Solutions Worldwide Group?

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