Project Isizwe appoints new CEO

Project Isizwe has appointed a new CEO[1], Dudu Mkhwanazi. Project Isizwe is a non-profit organisation which believes the Internet should be an essential service subsidised by the government. Mkhwanazi said she would continue to advocate for free Wi-Fi as a human right.

“Project Isizwe is lobbying for ubiquitous, government-subsidised Internet access within a walking distance of every South African,” she said. Mkhwanazi holds a Masters Degree in Public Policy Analysis from Universit? Montpellier and has a history of managing complex projects, said the company.

Project Isizwe runs Tshwane’s free Wi-Fi services[2], but the city’s contracts are currently out to tender for a new service provider.

Now read: The plan to rescue Tshwane’s free Wi-Fi[3]


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