New Rain LTE-A deals – 110GB for R549

Webafrica and Crystal Web have launched new Rain-based LTE-A deals, which feature a double-data promotion. Webafrica said new and existing customers will benefit from the promotion, which doubles the data allocation of current packages and introduces new, higher-cap packages – which also include a double-data allotment. “All customers will benefit from the additional gigs until 30 November 2018.

New customers must sign up before 30 November 2017 in order to benefit from this promotion,” said Webafrica. Crystal Web stated that its promotion – and the double-data allotments – will run until 30 November 2017. Customers are required to purchase a Huawei router to use the Rain network, which provides speeds of between 10Mbps-50Mbps.

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Webafrica and Crystal Web Rain LTE-A
Package Data Price
LTE-A 55GB 110GB (55GB+55GB) R549
LTE-A 85GB 170GB (85GB+85GB) R799
LTE-A 120GB 240GB (120GB+120GB) R999
LTE-A 220GB 440GB (220GB+220GB) R1,349
LTE-A 330GB 660GB (330GB+330GB) R1,599

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