Mr D Food is taking 100,000 orders per month through its app

Mr D Food’s app for Android and iPhone has been downloaded over 200,000 times in the last six months, and the company is taking 100,000 orders per month through its app. It hopes to double this number in the next six months, according to the head of Mr D Food at Takealot, Devin Sinclair. Sinclair said the app’s growth has fundamentally changed the business.

In June 2016, 80% of its orders came in by phone. By June 2017, that had flipped to 95% of orders through the app. The remaining 5% is split between phone and website orders, Sinclair told MyBroadband.


With Mr D Food aiming to double its traffic in the next six months, this raises the question: How will its systems keep up?

“The tech is probably the easiest part to scale,” said Sinclair. They use elastic compute cloud services, which he said have been load-tested to far greater volumes than double what they are currently doing. “The hardest part [to scale] is probably the driver network.”

Mr D Food uses franchises to provide driver services, and imposes guidelines for how they should pay their drivers. “We pay a franchisee to execute the deliveries, they pay the drivers,” he said. In the end, the market ensures drivers are paid fairly. “If the franchisee wasn’t paying their drivers enough, they wouldn’t have any drivers.

They would go and work for someone else.” In addition to expanding the driver network to grow its operations, Mr D Food is working on helping drivers operate more efficiently. This includes enabling them to travel shorter distances, and improving forecasting.

“Your ability to have enough drivers in an area involves complex order forecasting,” said Sinclair. To make its exponential growth happen, Mr D Food will also embark on a big marketing push. It has launched a new campaign that rolled out with its new branding, and will also continue to add restaurants and expand its footprint in South Africa.

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Mr D Food

Mr D Food

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  1. ^ Takealot gets R960 million from Naspers (

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