Kik Messenger the choice for criminals who prey on children – Report

Point and Forbes have released an investigative report in which they found that Kik Messenger has become “the defacto app for grooming children online,” The Verge reported[1]. Kik is a mobile messaging application, launched by Canadian company Kik Interactive in 2009. It has grown popular among teens and its ease of access to minors is part of the reason it is popular among child predators, stated the report.

The company has started using a tool called PhotoDNA that identifies reported images and video of child abuse, and provides information to law enforcement to help with investigations. While Kik has taken steps to prevent its platform from being abused, law enforcement told Point and Forbes that problems remain. Among the improvements they say Kik could make is adding more privacy controls, being more responsive to user complaints, and removing the profiles of users who have been charged and convicted of child abuse.

The Verge noted that Kik is not the only social media platform facing criticism, with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube also in the firing line for allegedly not doing enough to stop child abuse, harassment, and extremism.

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