Italy’s F2i acquires broadband providers MC-link and Infracom

A joint venture between Italian infrastructure fund F2i and pan-European equity fund Marguerite has announced the acquisition of 89.8 percent of the shares of Italian broadband provider MC-link for EUR 50.5 million. MC-link owns a 2,200 km fibre-optic network, 7 Metropolitan Area Networks and 4 data centres in Rome, Milan and Trento. The acquisition follows a deal that saw the same F2i-Marguerite joint venture purchase a 94.12 percent interest in Verona-based fibre-optic provider Infracom from Spain’s Abertis Group for EUR 57.8 million last month.

Infracom’s assets include a 9,000 km fibre-optic network running along Italian towns and motorways, plus 3 data centres in Milan, Assago and Verona.

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