Gill secures additional houses, expedited timeline for Comcast buildout

GILL — The town of Gill has secured additional houses as part of the town’s broadband internet buildout by Comcast and MBI. At Monday night’s Selectboard meeting, Greg Snedeker, a member of the Selectboard and the town’s broadband committee, said the town met with representatives from Comcast last week to discuss the discrepancies between the town and Comcast’s count of houses with broadband. The project, like others in the area, is related to the partially-served town buildouts by the Massachusetts Broadband Institute. Before the buildout, Gill was 85 percent served, and after, it will be just over the 96 percent threshold that the buildouts aim for, according to Gill Administrator Ray Purington.

Snedeker said Comcast agreed to add five houses on Hoe Shop Road to get to the 96 percent. He said State Senate President Stan Rosenberg wrote a letter on behalf of the town, asking the Gill buildout to be moved to the same timeline as the other partially-served towns.

“With that support and advocacy, it really helped a lot,” Snedeker said. The main portion of the town’s buildout will be complete by the end of 2017, according to the board. The entire project should be completed by March 2018.

Selectboard chairman Randy Crochier commended Snedeker and the rest of the town’s committee for their work on the buildout.

“I think the whole committee deserves accolades for the work they did early,” he said.

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