Ghana’s first satellite is now operational

Ghana’s first satellite was recently launched into orbit and is now operational, TechCrunch[1] reports. The device is a cubesat, a miniature satellite which weighs 1.33kg and is launched as a secondary payload on a launch vehicle. The GhanaSat-1 cubesat was launched on a SpaceX rocket in July and delivered into orbit along with a primary payload.

Speaking to TechCrunch, Ghanaian professor Richard Damoah said the satellite has two missions. “It has cameras on board for detailed monitoring of the coastlines of Ghana,” said Damoah. “Then there’s an educational piece – we want to use it to integrate satellite technology into high school curriculum.”

The satellite was built by a team of engineers at All Nations University and it will relay information to a ground station at the university’s Space Systems and Technology Laboratory.

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