Game of Thrones spoilers posted online after HBO hack

Hackers who claim to have breached HBO’s internal network have posted the details of the next Game of Thrones episode. They have also posted episodes from Ballers season 3, Barry season 1, Insecure season 2, and Room 104. TorrentFreak reported that the attackers posted their exploits on the website

“In a complicate operation, we successfully penetrated into the HBO Internal Network, Emails, technical platforms, and database and got precious and confidential stuff that blaze your eyes,” the website states. This is not the first attack on a TV network. Earlier this year, attackers breached Netflix and demanded a ransom[1] in exchange for not leaking episodes of Orange is the New Black.

When Netflix refused to pay, the hacker posted a torrent for the episodes to The Pirate Bay. The same group leaked eight episodes of ABC’s “Steve Harvey’s Funderdome”[2] when ABC refused to pay a ransom. Disney was also hacked[3] and a ransom demanded for the new Pirates of the Caribbean to not be leaked.

Disney called the hacker’s bluff, which resulted in no leak.

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