Faster internet coming to Letcher County

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Whitesburg, Ky. (WYMT) – Faster internet often means better employment opportunities.

Faster Internet Coming To Letcher County

In Letcher County, slow download speeds will soon be a thing of the past.

“Our internet service, our broadband, we are doing a wireless service now. Everything starts here at the courthouse,” said Letcher County Judge Executive Jim Ward. Officials say the decision was an economic one.

“With the coal mines being down….broadband, faster internet, is one of the services we have to have,” said Ward. Business owners agree.

“I think it will help tremendously,” said Josephine Richardson, owner of The Cozy Corner.

“If you were to work from home or own your own business you would have to have fast enough upload speeds,” said Ward.

The project starts in Whitesburg and eventually all of Letcher County will have access to broadband.

“We don’t want any more than what others have access to. We just want it equal to what others have access to,” said Richardson. Access to the internet can also mean access to the world beyond the mountains.

“Part of having faster internet is really about a connection to the world. What the interstates did a generation ago…broadband and fiber are doing today,” said Tyler Ward, who supports the broadband initiative.

After the service comes to homes, then businesses can connect too.

Whitesburg should have access to the faster internet by mid-August.

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