Click and present – the new era of presenting

There is nothing worse than waiting for a presentation to start because of technical difficulties that require the IT department to intervene. But this will no longer be a problem, as presentation technology has come full circle with the new range of Barco ClickShare devices, available locally from SkyGroup Communications. As a professional visualisation and networking solutions company, Barco has designed an innovative wireless presentation system that is redefining the corporate meeting room experience for South African businesses.

All you need to do is plug in to your laptop or mobile device, click and share, there are no cables, no set-up and no waiting to join a meeting. “Meetings can be great time wasters, especially if there are technical problems that start with each one. With the Barco ClickShare solutions it is easy to connect and display content, from any laptop or mobile device,” states Marius van Wyk, Operations & Technical Director at SkyGroup Communications.

“The technology is not only easy to use, but it also improves the productivity of meetings, as there is no need to waste time on technical glitches.” The Barco ClickShare technology is a truly BYOD-led solution which enables anyone, including meeting guests to connect a presentation with one click and share it right away. The simplicity and ease of use negates the need for any training, and draws from the need by millennials and digitally disruptive organisations to ensure the technology experience is as hassle-free as possible.

How does it work? Users simply plug in the ClickShare Button which is a USB-powered device into their PC or Mac and click the button. The content from their device will automatically be streamed to the meeting room screen or display.

Users who install the ClickShare App can also share content from their mobile phones or tablets, and those who have a device supporting Airplay or Googlecast can do the same. “This seamless and convenient means of content sharing during meetings allows companies to take advantage of better business productivity, no matter the size of the business. What’s more, the devices come bundled with standard ClickShare security features that include encryption, login management, https and the option to hide the SSID of the Base Unit’s wireless network,” adds van Wyk.

“According to research conducted by Barco, 91% of IT Managers say that resolving technical presentation problems is a priority for their business, which is why the ClickShare solution really is at the forefront of revolutionising presentations for good.”

This article was published in partnership with SkyGroup.

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