Belfast to Develop a Community Technology Plan

The City of Belfast was recently chosen by ConnectME Authority to receive a Community Broadband Planning Grant for $15,000. The misison of ConnectME Authority, which is part of Maine state government, is to facilitate the universal availability of broadband to all Maine households and businesses,

Belfast will use the $15,000 to create a Community Technology Plan, which will define the city’s broadband needs and goals; include network planning and financial analysis; assess municipal procedures, policies, rules and ordinances, and economic impacts; and provide for public outreach. Axiom Technologies, an internet service provider based in Machias, will oversee the implementation of the grant, and the city will be represented in the planning effort by members of its already established Broadband Committee. Belfast Economic Development Director Thomas Kittredge said, in a release announcing the grant, “While Belfast has some positive factors related to broadband internet access, such as the ‘Three Ring Binder’ running directly through the community and the presence of multiple active internet service providers, we understand that access to broadband is certainly not equal throughout the community, and there is likely some role for the City to play in addressing that.” The next step in the planning effort, to be undertaken in the next few months, will be the distribution of surveys to residents of Belfast and the Belfast business community. Anyone interested in learning more about Belfast’s broadband planning effort is encouraged to contact Kittredge, via e-mail,


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