Android 8 updates will download even when your storage is full

The next version of Android will allow users to update their OS even if the storage on their device is full, according to a report by Ars Technica[1]. Android documentation[2] shows that Google has worked in a system which eliminates the “insufficient space” error. The report stated that Google will update Android’s Seamless Updates dual-system partition scheme with a “streaming updates” feature.

Update data will arrive to an offline system partition in a ready-to-boot state, and user storage will be bypassed – barring a few kilobytes for metadata. “Streaming A/B updates need almost no temporary storage and need just enough for roughly 100KiB of metadata,” said Google. “Customers can continue to use their devices during an OTA.

The only downtime during an update is when the device reboots into the updated disk partition.”

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