Radio station hijacked 8 times to play “I am a w**ker song”

A hacker has hijacked the radio frequency of a UK radio station to play The Winker’s Song by Ivor Biggun eight times in one month. According to a report by Bleeping Computer[1], the “hacks” have been reported to the UK’s communications regulator – which has not been able to track the person. The attacker is believed to be using a mobile radio transmitter to broadcast on the station’s frequency, with their more powerful signal overriding regular programming.

The station is Mansfield 103.2 in the city of Mansfield.

Besides playing Biggun’s song about “self pleasure”, the person screamed, sung, and spoke while broadcasting.

The punishment for hijacking a radio station’s frequency in the UK is up to two years in prison, stated the report.

Now read: PhishNet – the security education service from IS[2]


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