Pembrokeshire still stuck in broadband slow lane, report shows

Almost half of broadband connections across Pembrokeshire and West Carmarthenshire aren’t getting the proposed minimum broadband download speed. New figures have been released as part of a new report, entitled “Broadband 2.0”, which is backed by a group of 57 cross-party MPs known as the British Infrastructure Group. Led by former Conservative party chairman Grant Shapps, they’re now calling on communications regulator Ofcom to compensate families across the UK, who do not get the internet speeds they pay for.

The proposed minimum download speed is ten megabits per second (Mb/s), a figure that just over 47% of broadband connections across the county are failing to meet. The report breaks the findings down by constituency. In Preseli Pembrokeshire, over 11,000 broadband connections aren’t meeting that standard, making it the ninth worst performing area in Wales.

Across Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire, the situation is worse. Almost half (49.8%) aren’t receiving speeds above the proposed minimum. That puts the constituency as the fourth worst across Wales, and 15th across Britain.

The report has also found what’s being called a ‘worrying lack’ of minimum standards broadband customer services.

They say that none of the major broadband providers that are in a voluntary agreement with Ofcom could provide ‘any clear information’ about their complaints procedures.

The regulator’s said that they “share concerns” on broadband improvement and are taking “firm, wide-ranging action” to protect customers, which includes new plans for automatic compensation and making sure that providers commit to giving “accurate speed information” to customers

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