How most Telkom employees are injured while working

Gravity is a cruel mistress, just ask Telkom employees. According to Telkom’s integrated report for the year ended 31 March 2017, “gravity” was the main cause of injury-on-duty cases. “Of the 223 recordable injuries – medical treatment cases, lost-time injuries, and fatalities – for Telkom, 45% is due to gravity,” said Telkom.

The report stated that there were zero fatalities during the past financial year and 182 “lost-time injuries”. “Motion” injuries and “robberies and assault” made up 29% and 10% of injury-on-duty cases respectively. Telkom identified the following high-risk injury causes in the report:

  • Gravity – slips, trips, and falls.
  • Motion – lifting and pushing.
  • Robberies and assault.
  • Biological – bites, stings, etc.
  • Motor vehicle accidents.

Telkom stated that of the 223 recordable injuries, 93% occurred in “technical field work areas”.

Trudon and BCX were not included in the injury report, as their definitions and methodologies are being aligned with Telkom’s.

Telkom Injuries

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