Graphics cards designed for cryptocurrency mining coming soon – Report

Nvidia and AMD plan to release graphics cards designed specifically for cryptocurrency miners, according to a report from DigiTimes[1]. This follows a global shortage[2] of AMD’s Radeon RX 580 and RX 570 cards, which are extremely popular among miners due to their efficiency and mining power. Mining cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin allows users to earn a passive income by dedicating their GPU processing power to mine blocks on a blockchain.

The report stated that due to the growing demand for mining GPUs, Nvidia and AMD are working on cards that will have reduced specifications and costs, and maximise cryptocurrency mining efficiency.

The mining-focused cards will reportedly be available at the end of June 2017 and will have a warranty of 90 days.

The report said AMD will launch redesigned entry-level RX 400-series cards for miners, while Nvidia will release a GeForce GTX 1060-based card for mining.

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