What is Google Lens?

Google Lens is the intelligent camera app that can actually read, understand and interact with the information within your photos.

Your smartphone camera is about to get an awful lot more intelligent

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Google made a big deal out of Google Lens at its I/O 2017 opening keynote, and if it works as is claimed then it’s something with which we can all get onboard. Also see: Best phone cameras 2017[2][3] Google Lens is a smart camera app that can read and actually understand the information within your images.

We’re not talking about the image metadata, but the places, names and even Wi-Fi passwords depicted in your photos. It can then offer up intelligent ways to deal with that information. Also see: How to reverse image search[4]

What is Google Lens is perhaps best answered with some examples: take a photo of a router’s password sticker and you’ll automatically connect to that network; snap a picture of an unknown plant and automatically identify it in Google search results; photograph foreign text for a translation; take a photo of a theatre billboard and bring up the Google Assistant to book tickets; or take a screenshot of a phone number and quickly bring it up in the dialer to call it. Integration with Google Photos means even more information is available after the event, for example it can match your image to online data to work out what is that landmark you photographed earlier. There are also some clever context-aware editing tools: during the demo, Google showed how its new app could digitally remove the links of a chain fence to reveal a baseball player standing behind.

When is the Google Lens release date?

Google said its new Lens app will be available later this year.

We’ll update this story when we know more.

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