We bought a new Nokia 3310 on Bidorbuy – This is what we got

The new Nokia 3310 went on sale in the UK this week, proving to be a huge hit – with Nokia struggling to meet consumer demand. The phone sold out straight away[1] at launch, forcing Nokia to increase stock of the 3310 at retail outlets. The phone, which sells for ?50 in the UK, also emerged on online marketplaces in South Africa, including Bidorbuy and OLX.

MyBroadband purchased one of the advertised Nokia 3310[2] phones through Bidorbuy for R600, and received it a day later. The low price and instant availability of the phone raised concerns that it may not be the real thing. When it arrived, these concerns proved to be justified – the phone was a fake.

The packaging used a stock image of the Nokia 3310 with a poor design, and the plastic phone was visibly not the real thing. The battery which came with the device was a 1,700mAh unit, while the official spec sheet[3] for the new 3310 states it comes with a 1,200mAh unit.

Seller of the fake Nokia 3310 explains

MyBroadband contacted the seller, Cellulab Umhlanga, regarding the fake Nokia 3310 phone it sold us. A representative from Cellulab Umhlanga said they were aware that the phones were fake, and that it was recalling the devices and refunding clients.

He said he purchased and brought back Nokia 3310 phones from China, and then ordered more which were delivered through DHL. The batch which he brought back himself were all sold, and the clients were happy. However, after they started to send out the batch which they shipped back, without having checked them, they received complaints.

They checked the phones, realised they were fake, and are recalling all the fake devices which were sold. He said he will go to China on 30 May to return the fake Nokia 3310 phones, and will swap them for the real thing. MyBroadband was told by Cellulab Umhlanga that the phone will be picked up on 29 May and a refund provided.

Bidorbuy responds

Bidorbuy said it does not allow the sale of fake goods on its platform and takes action against sellers who are guilty of this.

“We investigate and take the necessary action, which may include closing the seller’s account or handing them over to the police,” said Bidorbuy. It added that users who feel they have received fake goods can report the matter to Bidorbuy. The images below show the “Nokia 3310” we received.

Nokia 3310 advert on Bidorbuy

Nokia 3310

The fake Nokia 3310

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