Wave Broadband Acquired for $2.36 Billion

Wave Broadband Acquired For .36 Billion

Wave Broadband Acquired for $2.36 Billion

Tuesday May 23 2017 16:00 EDT

Seattle broadband provider Wave broadband (see our user reviews1) has been acquired in a deal valued at around $2.36 billion. The company’s being acquired by TPG Capital, which also acquired RCN and Grande Communications a little more than a year ago. According to the TPG Announcement2, the acquisition will make the company the nation’s sixth-largest cable provider. Wave alone currently delvers broadband to 673,000 homes and more than 1,800 business clients in Washington, Oregon, and California. The unified company will create “a regional market leader in next-generation, high-speed data services for residential and business customers with a presence spanning the West Coast, East Coast, Chicago and Texas,” claims the release. Wave Broadband Acquired For .36 Billion sd70mac
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Today 4:22 pm


Doesn’t Google/Alphabet own a stake in TPG?

Wave Broadband Acquired For .36 Billion Wave Broadband Acquired For .36 Billion
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saw this this AM, sort of wondering where TPG is going?

Wave has done ok in outlying cities around western WA and bought condo internet (very popular fiber to the building provider0 which was doing very well in the condo fiber market) but the combined version has seen more complaints, shortage of qualified personal in the booming local market.
However “a regional market leader in next-generation”…is a big stretch without more cash, and a big, successful hiring boom which means even more cash.
the rest of their properties seem fairly spread across entertainment and sports a typical mix for a modern ISP/cable co
But the are geographical spread very wide and maybe not big even to see good scaling unless they run a very lean operation.

Wave Broadband Acquired For .36 Billion



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Will RCN ever expand their NYC footprint?!?
What’s the good in deploying a network 20 blocks long in very disperse communities?!?

Wave Broadband Acquired For .36 Billion

How about ..


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