Vodafone fixing its lack of fixed broadband services in 2017, EoIs now open

Want to know when and where Vodafone’s fixed broadband NBN services will arrive in Australia? There’s a new page of Vodafone where you can register to find out. Vodafone reports it is “continuing preparations for the introduction of fixed broadband services later this year with the launch of ‘Expressions of Interest’ today1.”

The company says it will be delivering its “fixed broadband service via the National Broadband Network (NBN) in selected areas,” and that aecustomers will be able to sign up for the service in-store, over the phone, or via the Vodafone website.”

Vodafone’s GM of ‘Fixed,’ Matthew Lobb, noted the company’s excitement to be launching a fixed broadband product for homes and small businesses by the end of the 2017 to complement the Vodafone mobile network.

Vodafone Fixing Its Lack Of Fixed Broadband Services In 2017, EoIs Now Open

This presumably makes him the fixed fixer, with Lobb lobbing one over the net, saying: “We want to make sure our customers have the freedom and choice to stay connected the way they want – at home, at work or on the go.

“Australians will soon be able to interchangeably use their mobile and fixed broadband to stream music and video, send messages, make purchases, or grow their business.

“It’s always Vodafone’s desire to push the status quo when looking at new ways to meet customer needs, and the launch of fixed broadband services will be no different.”

He added the “Expressions of Interest” will allow interested customers to be “the first to know where and when Vodafone’s fixed broadband offer will be available ahead of the launch.”

Lobb continued: “Since we announced in October last year that we’ll be launching fixed broadband, we’ve received significant interest from consumers who are looking for an alternative to the current fixed broadband incumbents,” he said.

“For those customers who pre-register with us, we’ll get in touch directly in the lead up to launch to find out more about their fixed broadband needs and how we can provide them with the best solution.

“We already have a strong 4G network which covers more than 22 million Australians and is enjoyed by 5.5 million customers, and Vodafone’s NBN Fixed Broadband will allow us to feed the growing appetite for data.

“Despite the potential of the NBN, many consumers have told us that they are unhappy with their existing fixed broadband provider. They are frustrated by the poor connection experience, confused about their options, and when things go wrong they feel they are left in the lurch.

“Vodafone’s aim is to provide exceptional customer service and care to ensure the best possible experience for all of our customers.

“Just as Vodafone has done for mobile, we will be bringing simplicity to our fixed broadband plans and a great customer experience to match.”

Sounds like the fix is in! You can register your interest via Vodafone’s ‘Expression of Interest form’ here2.

Vodafone advises it “will be releasing more information, including where it will be offering fixed broadband, plans, pricing and when they can connect, later this year closer to launch,” and that “after launch, all customers will be able to check the availability of Vodafone Fixed broadband at their address.”

Vodafone Fixing Its Lack Of Fixed Broadband Services In 2017, EoIs Now Open


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