Vodacom lets you schedule YouTube video downloads overnight

Vodacom has partnered with YouTube to launch YouTube Smart Offline. The service allows Vodacom Android customers to schedule videos for download between midnight and 05:00. Vodacom said customers using YouTube Smart Offline can save on data costs by purchasing a Vodacom Night Owl Data Bundle and downloading videos overnight.

Using YouTube Smart Offline, customers do not need to worry about buffering and extra data charges, said Vodacom.

The content which customers download is available to watch for 48 hours.

How it works

  1. Select a YouTube video and tap the “Offline” icon to schedule it to be saved.
  2. Choose the video resolution, then select “Save overnight” while using Night Owl Data.
  3. Keep your mobile data activated at night and your videos will download while you sleep.
  4. To access videos which have been added to Smart Offline, tap on “Saved Videos” in the account tab of the YouTube mobile app.

The service is currently available to prepaid and hybrid customers, with contract bundles expected to launch in the coming months.

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