Twitter gives users more control

Twitter has launched[1] a new set of tools to give its users more access to their information and more control over how it’s used.

Twitter has also updated its Privacy Policy to reflect the improvements.

The most important updates which Twitter is rolling out include:

  • Increased transparency: Expanding Twitter Data to give users access to their Twitter information, including demographic and interest data.
  • New controls: New Personalisation and Data settings that offer more granular control over how Twitter uses their subscribers’ data.
  • Personalisation: When a user logs in, Twitter will associate their device with their account.
  • Web data: Twitter has expanded on how it uses and stores data from other websites that integrate Twitter content.
  • Data sharing: Twitter has updated how it shares non-personal, aggregated, and device-level data, including through some select partnership agreements.

“Privacy is built into our DNA as a company and it’s something we take an active role in promoting and advocating for across the world,” said Twitter.

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