Three’s HomeFi broadband box is now available online

18 May 2017 by James RogersonThree's HomeFi broadband box is now available online

Three might mostly be a mobile network, but it also offers a home broadband service, one with advantages over rivals, and one which is now a lot easier to get.

It’s called HomeFi, and while it used to only be available from select Three stores, you can now buy it online, at a cost of ?24 per month for 40GB of monthly data.

That’s with no upfront cost if you sign up for a 12-month contract, or with ?59.99 upfront if you opt for a rolling one month plan.

So, what’s so good about HomeFi? Well, this little black box made by Huawei is about as simple as broadband can get. Simply stick the supplied 4G SIM card in it, plug it in, switch it on, and away you go.

There’s no complicated setup process, no engineer visit, and there’s also no landline required, which can save you money and avoid the potential hassle and clutter of getting a landline installed.

As you can get it on a one-month contract it’s also ideal if you only have a short-term lease, or need a temporary solution while you wait for your broadband to be installed, and as it uses Three’s network it could potentially be a lot faster than wired broadband if you’re stuck with old copper cables where you are.

HomeFi is good value for money too, even before you factor in the flexibility it offers.

You can grab it now and use it to get up to 32 devices online simultaneously, just check you have a Three signal at home first, or head over to our HomeFi guide[1] for in depth information.


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