Tablets meant for Gauteng high schools found in India and Pakistan

Tablets allocated to high schools in Gauteng have been smuggled out of the country and sent to Pakistan and India, the City Press reported. The Gauteng education department contracted an international tracking company to locate unreturned or stolen tablets, and found several in foreign countries. Many were also found in other provinces.

Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi said that “social issues” were to blame for the lost and stolen tablets. He said the department was forced to suspend the introduction of tablets to grade 11 pupils, as he could see “they are not ready”.

Shot for a tablet

Lesufi said he recently visited a student who was shot and left for dead while being robbed of his tablet. He said communities needed to protect school students from criminals.

In addition to criminals, Lesufi said he’d witnessed the tablets being used improperly. Some pupils carried their devices to football games on the weekend, or use the state-sponsored mobile data to download movies and TV shows. “If you have almost 15,000 pupils misbehaving with this, it hits the pocket big time.

It’s not yielding the desired outcome in certain areas,” he told the City Press. However, Lesufi said there were many pupils who used the opportunity and “started to fly with it”. He attributed Gauteng’s improved matric results to the tablet project.

Of 32 schools which recorded a 100% matric pass rate in 2016, eight were based in townships where the project had been introduced.

High schools in townships managed to score high marks in maths, science, and accounting thanks to the launch of the tablet project, said Lesufi.

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