Readers are ditching eBooks for paperbacks

Physical books are far from dead, with recent research showing strong growth in paperback sales and declining eBook sales. Data from the UK Publishers Association reveals that despite the initial popularity of eReaders, people are ditching digital novels and reverting to physical books. According to the data, eBook sales continued to decline in 2016, while physical sales rose by 8% to their highest point since 2012.

The figures also showed a 17% drop in total consumer eBook sales.

Kindle Craze

When the Kindle launched in 2011, it sold out[1] in five hours. eReaders sales have seen a decline since then, however, with research group Euromonitor International stating that eReader sales have dropped by 40% since 2011.

A study[2] conducted by Pew Research Center among American readers found that 65% of people had read a printed book in 2016, while only 28% had read an eBook on an electronic device.

The data shows that readers worldwide prefer reading a physical book over an eReader or tablet.

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