Price of broadband in South Africa holds us back

The price of connectivity remains a problem in South Africa, especially with regards to the adoption of cloud services by businesses. This is according to Jacques Loubser, chief of infrastructure solutions at BCX, who was speaking at MyBroadband’s Cloud, Hosting, and Security Conference. Loubser said that unless you have connectivity you can rely on, South Africans can’t exploit the opportunities provided by cloud platforms.

The fact that the necessary broadband infrastructure is centred around metro areas also remains a problem in South Africa. However, all operators, including BCX, are working hard to offer services at prices that are as affordable as possible. He said there is also “lots of price pressure” on the market, so the price of connectivity will definitely come down.

When prices decrease, it will drive the adoption of cloud platforms in South Africa, said Loubser.

Price Of Broadband In South Africa Holds Us Back

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