Postal and courier items which can land you in jail

Many common items are prohibited from being sent via mail or express shipping, and senders face a jail sentence should they contravene the law. Apart from the obvious items which are prohibited – illegal substances (drugs), animals, guns, and explosives – there are also general items which you may not send via postal services. The South African Post Office prohibits[1] sending any living creature, perishables, flammables, pesticides, liquids, precious stones, jewelry, medicine, or fragile items via normal post.

Apart from these items, the Post Office’s international priority mail service further prohibits packages which contain cash, liquids, and precious metals. PostNet has also published a comprehensive list[2] of items which are prohibited from being sent via its Global Express service. These items include all liquids (including perfume), cash, jewelry, gases, cigarettes, and oxidizing substances.

A full list of prohibited items is available on the Aramex website[3].


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