Openserve drives down broadband costs

Openserve has reduced prices on its IP Connect (IPC) product, which enables Internet service providers (ISPs) to connect to Openserve’s broadband network to provide their own DSL and FTTH offerings.

Depending on the IPC capacity purchased, ISPs can now benefit from price reductions of up to 32%, effective from 1 June 2017. Prenesh Padayachee, chief of sales and marketing at Openserve, says: “We are committed to our journey of making broadband more affordable in South Africa.. We firmly believe that by stimulating the growth of fixed broadband in South Africa, we are contributing to economic growth.”

He adds that Openserve’s investment to modernise its core network results in greater network capability and that the efficiencies it brings to the business allows the infrastructure provider to drive the democratisation of broadband.

“Over the past few years, we have taken several steps to reduce the cost of communication in South Africa and this particular price reduction is effected with the intent to reduce the cost of entry for the smaller players in the broadband resell space,” says Padayachee.

“We recognise the importance of entrepreneurship and the impact it can have in stimulating growth in the current economic climate and, as such, set out to find ways to assist in sustaining the smaller players in our broadband eco-system.”

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