No rand support planned for GOG in South Africa

GOG does not have plans to support the rand, but that doesn’t mean it won’t in future. This is according to Lukasz Kukawski, senior PR manager for GOG. “We’re constantly expanding our local approach,” he said. “Right now, we’re working locally on markets like Russia, France, Germany, and Brazil, and this year we’re planning to add two more territories.”

Joining good company

Other digital marketplaces – such as Steam, Origin, iTunes, and the Windows Store – all support purchases in rand.

Valve launched support for the rand[1] in November 2015. While this caused the prices of many games to come down relative to their dollar prices, there were several trade-offs. Several games were unavailable in South Africa, though Valve said this was temporary.

Games became available again as soon as they were priced in rand. It was also no longer possible to pay with PayPal, and games bought in South Africa could not be sent as a gift to someone outside the region. GOG sets itself apart from services which already support the rand by offering games without digital rights management.

It also lets you download installers and patches and keep them on your local machine.

Having GOG available in rand would hopefully bring down prices relative to the dollar, offering South Africans who prefer DRM-free games an option to buy titles at prices inline with other platforms.

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