Netflix users in Matamata-Piako drive up broadband use

Netflix Users In Matamata-Piako Drive Up Broadband Use


Streaming services like Netflix are pushing up data usage in Matamata-Piako. Netflix and streaming services are driving up broadband use in Matamata-Piako. Matamata-Piako District households are consuming 42 Per cent more broadband data than last year, an increase driven by surging demand for streaming services such as Netflix, according to new statistics from Chorus.

The average Matamata-Piako District home used 115GB of broadband data on Chorus copper and fibre networks in April 2017 compared to 81GB in April 2016.

“Typically, homes now have several connected devices at any one time,” says Chorus network strategy manager Kurt Rodgers.

“So we’re all using far more data and many of us are demanding faster and more reliable broadband speeds.”

On an average day in Matamata-Piako District, data usage on the Chorus network is at its lowest at 5am and begins to rise between 6am and 8.30am.

Usage remains consistent during the day and jumps sharply from 3.30pm.

“It is unlikely to be a coincidence that it’s the same time certain data-hungry members of the family wander in from school.

“Household usage slows down again over dinner time.

“From 7.30pm it climbs to the highest usage period of the day, between 8pm and 10.30pm, as people get through one or two Netflix shows, upload the homework or Skype friends and family.”

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