nbn HFC for Small Businesses Now Available Through innoTel

Melbourne, Australia, May 14, 2017 -(PR.com1)- innoTel today announced that it is now offering nbntm HFC connections to Australian Small Businesses. innoTel announced today that HFC broadband connect for small businesses are now available to order for premises that are Ready for Service on the National Broadband Network. nbntm expects that nearly 1 Million premises will be Ready for Service by June 2017, giving the network a huge boost in premises-passed and customers the benefit of connecting to super-fast broadband. Over time the nbntm HFC network is expected to service 2 Million premises Australia-wide, making up 25% of the overall nbntm connections. HFC, or otherwise known as ,,Hybrid Fibre Coaxial” or simply ,,Cable” is one of the technologies previously deployed by Pay TV operators in Australia to distribute TV signals and Broadband services, with most of the cable having been rolled-out in metropolitan areas across Australia.

innoTel Managing Director, Andrew Sims said, ,,Small Businesses will benefit greatly with the ability to access speeds of up to 100Mbps down and 40Mpbs up; over four times faster than the current ADSL2+ connections most small businesses we see are using today.”

innoTel will offer the most popular nbntm broadband speeds of 25Mbps / 5Mbps and 100Mbps / 40Mpbs. All innoTel nbntm connections come with a static IP address.

,,Adding HFC as an nbntm connection quickly expands our nbntm footprint and allows a lot more small businesses to take advantage of our great business pricing and our 100% Australian-based staff guarantee. Access to nbntm HFC also compliments our VoIP services, particularly our Hosted PBX product.

With most ADSL2+ connections, it is difficult to run more than a handful of concurrent calls over VoIP and this opens that right up for more customers,” Sims added.

The addition of nbntm HFC for small business compliments other NBN technologies that innoTel currently offers including FTTP, FTTN, FTTB and Fixed Wireless.


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