NBN adds 365000 broadband wholesale access services in Q1

Australia’s NBN Co has added 365,853 broadband wholesale access services in the quarter ended 31 March, compared to the previous quarter, taking its total to over 2.07 million, according to a report from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). The number of HFC services in operation reached 63,475, up from the 14,551 reported in the quarter ended 31 December 20161. The report also shows that demand for aggregate network capacity (Connectivity Virtual Circuit) continues to increase with NBN Co contracted to supply 2,149 Gbps, up 20 percent from 1,785 Gbps in December 2016. Competitors to Telstra are supplying 46 percent of services in the regions compared with traditional market shares for broadband services where Telstra often had well over 60 perceent market share. There are at least 4 access seeker groups acquiring NBN wholesale services directly at all 121 points of interconnection (POI).

The ACCC says 55 percent of all services acquired are at the 25/5 Mbps speed tier.

The most popular speed tier on the NBN remains 25/5 Mbps, the report also indicates.


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