MSP’s complaint over broadband installation in Gourock

AN MSP has complained to Virgin Media over lack of consultation over the installation of broadband in Gourock1.

Jamie Greene2 says he was contacted by a number of local constituents over the road works in St John’s Road in the town. They claimed that the trenches were unsafe and there was little or no notification given to local residents and said the disruption affected businesses. Mr Greene said: “As the shadow spokesman for connectivity, I welcome Virgin’s commitment to rolling out superfast broadband across Scotland3. It is indeed welcome.

“However, my support does not come absolute.

“It is vital that more is done with community engagement when large trenches are being dug.

“I have had quite a few complaints about the
apparent lack of consultation and notification of roadworks.

“The contractors could do with a tad more coaching on improving their engagement skills with local residents – and giving people less than 12 hours’ notice with a letter through the door, in my view, is inadequate.

“I will be writing to Virgin media to welcome their fibre roll-out, but at the same time politely asking them to do more when they are digging up our busy roads and streets.”

Virgin Media bosses have apologised for any inconvenience caused.

A spokesman for Virgin Media said: “Virgin Media is currently expanding its network in Gourock to bring ultrafast broadband speeds to more homes and businesses in the area.

“As we do so, we endeavour to minimise disruption to the local communities and work with our contractors to ensure that work is carried out with professionalism and at the highest standard.

“In the case of St.

John’s Road, we apologise to the local residents for the inconvenience we may have caused.”


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