Mobile internet use jumps 42% in Iran

The rate of mobile internet usage in Iran has grown 42 percent over four years, with the latest data putting the number at 33 million subscribers at the end of March, an increase of 3.9 million, reports IRNA. Until 2013, only 0.8 percent of people (about 600,000) used internet mobile services, before the introduction of 3G and 4G mobile services by the two biggest networks. Reports by the ICT ministry in February showed figures for 3G and 4G internet users at a total of 27.1 million lines (34%).

The prevalence of internet use is not restricted to mobile internet as fixed-line broadband is becoming popular at an unprecedented pace.

Now, almost half of Iranian households are connected to the World Wide Web through the service. According to data released by landline internet service providers, there are currently 10 million active fixed-line broadband subscribers in the country, a two-fold increase since 2013, when only 5 million subscribers used landlines for Internet. The surge in internet use signifies that not only are more people able to access information from around the globe, but they can also use this technology for economic growth, such as creating jobs, and placing advertisements.

However, landline internet speeds in Iran are still far behind many other countries with the average home Internet speed hovering around 1-2Mbs.

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