Louisa Co.

Moving Forward with Plan to Expand Broadband Service


Louisa County is moving forward with its efforts to improve internet service. County planners say in a rural town like Louisa, it’s harder to keep up to speed, but doing so is necessary. This is all part of a project led by the Louisa County broadband authority. As part of phase one, county planners envision new towers that would help make internet faster. The Louisa County Board of Supervisors has already approved the $1.1 million fund for helping broadband expand in the county.

“In today’s world it’s a necessity, for medical issues, job related issues, we have a lot of citizens that work from home, would like to work from home,” Fitzgerald Barnes on the Louisa County Broadband Authority said.

“In rural counties, economically it’s not profitable for companies, local ISP’s, to create broadband in rural areas, there’s not enough customers,” IT director Bob Hardy said.

The LCBA’s goal will use the funding to put up 10 towers. That will allow expansion of the current internet service providers.

“As well as to connect from those towers to neighborhood poles and serve customers that way,” Hardy said. Four county property locations have been identified as places to install the towers.

“The high school, Moss Nuckols Elementary, Jouett Elementary, and somewhere in the Holly Grove Area,” Hardy said.

It’s expected that about 50 percent of homes in Louisa will be covered with these initial 10 towers. Barnes says not having efficient internet access hurts real estate.

“New business, coming here, that’s one of the first things that business wanna know is whether or not we have internet, we’ve had people not being able to sell their homes because the buyer found out there’s not internet access,” Barnes said. The LCBA expects to begin fast-track construction late this summer. The towers are expected to be anywhere between 120-190 ft. tall.

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