JavaScript in South Africa conference tickets on sale

JavaScript in South Africa (JSinSA) will hold its seventh annual conference in Johannesburg on 15 July. This 2017 event has moved to a larger venue to accommodate up to 350 attendees. Local sponsors of the event include bbd, Entelect, OfferZen, EPI-USE Labs, nReality, Intersoft, DeskStand, and Broken Keyboards Software.

The event has also attracted international sponsors like Amazon, Mozilla, SyncFusion, and Tower. The 2017 event will have 17 speakers across 15 sessions, and tickets are R925. Tickets are on sale through the JSinSA website[1].

This includes a pass to all sessions, snacks, lunch, entries into lucky draws, and a welcome pack. Organiser Simon Stewart said one of the unique features of the event is that they do not do cash sponsorships. “Instead, we find a mutually-beneficial arrangement with each of the individual sponsors, such as them giving away branded items, prizes, or arranging for good coffee,” he said.

Sponsored tickets are also available to students and junior developers who would otherwise not be able to attend.

All sessions will be recorded and made available for free on the JSinSA YouTube channel.

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